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Focusing on the dogs of Detroit

For many years the city of Detroit has had an abundance of stray dogs roaming the city. The city of Detroit itself filed for bankruptcy which means the city animal control had very poor funding and support. Because of this, most dogs that entered DAC were euthanized. Citizens knew this and those who couldn't keep or care for their dogs would just set them free. The dogs would be left to their own devices to try to survive. This led to many dogs being shot, starving, dying of injuries and procreating which added to the stray dog problem in Detroit.

Things have improved in the last 3 years. Detroit Animal Care and Control got a new director who improved their programs and funding.  DACC has a much higher save rate, but they need help. This is the mission of "Help Dogs in the D". For every dog that is able to be pulled out of the shelter, it leaves a space for a dog in urgent need. Without the space, the injured, starving and neglected dogs do not receive the help they desperately need!



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